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Project Plan

Milestone Target Date Owner
Create intuitive and user friendly GUI. 30/08/2004 Trevor
Prepare set of viewers to handle most generic file formats. 30/08/2004 Trevor
Create the zip handler to handle the ZIP file format as a standard base implementation that others can build from. 15/09/2004 Trevor
Complete Alpha Release - version 1.0 30/10/2004 Trevor

 Task Lists
The following are task lists for each milestone defined above.

 Ituitive and User Friendly GUI
Task Target Date Owner
Generate the Menu System. 02/08/2004 Trevor
Work on the Explorer Pane. 16/08/2004 Trevor
Work on the Tabbed Document Pane. 22/08/2004 Trevor

 Set of File Viewers
Task Target Date Owner
Create Default / Text Viewer. 20/07/2004 Trevor
Create Hyper Text Viewer. 02/08/2004 Trevor
Create Image Viewer. 16/08/2004 Trevor

 Zip Handler
Task Target Date Owner
Write functionality to create a zip archive and display its contents. 07/08/2004 Trevor
Write the functionality to add files, extract files and remove files from a zip acrhive. 16/08/2004 Trevor
Integrate the zip archive handler with the default viewers and provide functionality to generate archive properties. 02/09/2004 Trevor
Produce functionality to move, copy, rename or delete the zip archive file. 15/09/2004 Trevor

 Alpha Release
Task Target Date Owner
Complete remaining components. 01/10/2004 Trevor
Integrate all components. 15/10/2004 Trevor
Base Testing. 20/10/2004 Trevor

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