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 JOpenZip Project Mission
JOpenZip is a project hosted on the SourceForge Network with the intent to create and maintain a commercial-quality, open-source, archive utility application for the Java Platform, based on the Gnu General Public Licence, for distribution at no charge to the public.

The core beliefs of this project and its contributors are:
  • Collaborative open source development.
  • Software released under the Gnu General Public Licence.
  • A high standard of commercial-quality software.
  • Respectful interaction among contributors.
  • Implementation of standards.

Communication within the project typically occurs through the project's mailing lists. These mailing lists represent virtual meeting rooms with asynchronous communication since contributors may be geographically separated into different time zones.

Other forms of communication may take place as and when necessary.

All contributors perform contributions voluntarily, no one is paid to contribute. Instead, the project works on a principle of "do-ocracy" whereby the people who are active contributors govern what happens to the project, in essence, the people who contribute the most become the project's administrators and manage the project.

The project is a virtual entity, it does not have physical offices or infrastructure. This implies that contributors are linked in a virtual community.

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