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 JOpenZip Project Overview
JOpenZip aims to be the leading Open Source archive utility program for most platforms. This will be achieved through the use of the Java Platform, and support is planned for most archive file formats like Zip, GZip, BZ2, Tar and TGZ.

We are looking for developers!!! If you are interested:
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 Project Details
Project Unix Name jopenzip
Project Group ID 113010
Project Status Active
Project Description Project will be written in 100% Java, for the Java Platform. It will thus be able to run on most platforms; namely: Windows, Linux/Unix, Solaris and MacOS. There doesn't seem to be any open source solution that supports multiple platforms and many archive file formats, all in one package; our project aims to fill this gap.
Project Licence GNU General Public License (GPL)

Copyright © 2004 JOpenZip. All Rights Reserved.